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CCNP R & S Advanced Lab

Cisco Study Lab Kit with CCNA - Includes Training & Support

3 x 2801 - 15.1 Advanced IOS Router Dual Fast Ethernet - Enterprise & Security Feature Set

1 x 3620 w/NM-8A/S - 8 Port Frame Relay / MPLS Switch

1 x WS-C3550-24-SMI - Layer 3 IP Switch with EMI Image

2 x WS-C2950-24 - Enhanced IOS Ethernet Switch - RSTP / Port Security

2 x WIC-1DSU-T1V2 - Version 2 T1 WAN Interface Card

4 x WIC-1T - Serial WAN Interface Cards

3 x DB60 to DB60 Serial DTE/DCE WAN Emulation Cable

1 x T1 Crossover WAN Emulation Cable

10 x Cat 5 Network Cables (3 Crossover Included)

7 x Power Cords

1 x Power Blue Cisco Console Cable


What's Included?

2801 Advanced Integrated Services Router with 15.1


Layer 3 IP Switch for Multi-Layer SwitchingUpgrade Phone Firmware and Attach POTS Devices (FXS)

Advanced VOIP QOS Tagging and Prioritizing Techniques

3 Devices Running IPV6

Full Looped Routed Network


Features Of This Package

Easily Converts to VoIP or Security Lab

15.1 IOS Feature Set

Security Device Manager (Cisco's Web Configuration GUI)

Easy VPN Server

Advanced IPV6 Functions and IPV6 Routing (as now required by Cisco)

Cisco Firewall Feature Set

Call Manager Express (Cisco's VOIP Phone System)

VOIP QOS (Quality of Service Features)

Intrusion Detection System

IEEE 802.1Q InterVLAN Routing

Training Materials

CCNA Lab Setup Training Videos

CCNA and CCNP Lab Workbooks

CCNA and CCNP Guides and Written Labs

Unlimited Support by Cisco Certified Professionals

Backup IOS and Cisco Study Utility Software

8 Port Frame Relay / MPLS Switch


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