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Cisco CCNA Security



Increasing Demand for Practical Network Security Skills

Cisco has taken note of the evolution of the role of the network security professional and its relevance to the industry. The speed at which network security is evolving demands more practical, hands-on skills in network security engineering and has made network security performance more visible to the entire organization. Network security engineers in the marketplace today understand the products and the discipline of good network security, the practices and compliance mandates of industry and government, and the need to protect their organizations from increasingly sophisticated threats to their systems. Cisco network security engineers have real-world security implementation and troubleshooting skills.


Job-Ready Practical Skills

The Cisco CCNA® Security, CCNP® Security, and CCIE® Security certification programs are practical, relevant, and job-ready certification curricula aligned closely with the specific tasks expected of these in-demand professionals. Cisco realizes that the network security professional increasingly must focus on design, configuration, and support responsibilities as the technical consultant and device specialist or expert on a security team. Therefore, the Cisco Security curriculum is specific to the best practices of network security administrators, engineers, and experts using the latest Cisco equipment, devices, and appliances.







Training Course Details


Total: 40 hours

Saturdays 9am - 5pm

Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm



Online or Onsite Course: $1,999.00

Books: $199



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