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The Rack International

CCNA CCNP & CCIE R&S Cisco Lab Training Kit Designed With Low Shipping Weight For International Travel

3 x 1841 - High Performance Router Dual Fast Ethernet - Enterprise & Security Feature Set

3 x 2610XM - 12.4T IOS 128D/32F Router - Advanced Enterprise Feature Set

3 x 2610XM - 12.4T IOS 64D/32F Router - Advanced IP Feature Set

1 x 3700 WAN Switch - 16 Port Frame Relay / MPLS Switch

4 x NM-4T - 16 Port Frame Relay / MPLS (2-8Mbps per Port)

1 x WS-C3560-24PS-S - Advanced Layer 3 IP Services Switch

2 x WS-C3550-24-SMI - Layer 3 IP Switch with EMI Image

4 x WS-C2950-24 - Enhanced IOS Ethernet Switch - RSTP / Port Security

10 x WIC-1DSU-T1 (V1&V2) - T1 WAN Interface Card

10 x WIC-1T - Serial WAN Interface Cards

4 x 12U Desktop Open Network Rack (48U 7 Foot Equivalent)

10 x DB60 to DB60 Serial DTE/DCE WAN Emulation Cables

5 x T1 Crossover WAN Emulation Cable

20 x Cat 5 Network Cables (XOvers Included)

17 x Power Cords

1 x Powder Blue Cisco Console Cable

What's Included?

Features Of This Package

10 Perfect Condition Routers that run Everything From VPN to CME to IPV6 to MPLS and more

36 Serial WAN Ports from 64Kbps to 8Mbps

6 Immaculate Ethernet Switches that cover All aspects of Spanning Tree including

Multi-Layer Switching, Gigabit Ethernet, Complex 802.1q and VTP

3560 Layer 3 Switch with Advanced IP Services IOS

Commercial Grade Desktop RACK, RM Brackets, and Accessories!

2600s with no transceiver (2500s are slow)

220K PPS WAN Switch with MPLS, 2522 is 4K PPS no MPLS

More Devices, Serial Ports, and Cables for increased and more complex topologies


Matches INE and IP Experts Topology Exactly PLUS UPGRADES

Frame Relay & MPLS WAN Switch


220,000 Packet Per Second

16 Ports - Up to 8Mbps per port

(NM-16A/S or NM-8A/S is 128Kbps per port)


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